Press Release, published on International and National Magazines on September 13th, 2021

Synergy. Passion. Sharing. These are the concepts driving Enrico Costa and Sabina Galdiolo when they created Synergy International Italy, around 10 years ago. Both rich in experience and knowledge in high-end hôtellerie and both in love with our beautiful country, they are true “artisans” of hospitality. Their mission? Building, for more than 20 years, customized commercial and marketing solutions dedicated to tourism and hotel hospitality in Italy. Art, culture, history, nature; food and wine and dream destinations. All this is Italy, at the top of the list of UNESCO World Heritage with its 59 sites. A country that, in the global collective imagination, is worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime. To do this in the best possible way is essential to rely on a team of serious, prepared and, above all, passionate professionals.

So are Enrico and Sabina: they personally select the hotels to be included in their Collection, all of the highest level and worthy of representing Italy in terms of location and services. We are in the country of excellence and excellence we are talking about. Their work is a sartorial one, able to bring together the different pieces of a puzzle to obtain “a perfect painting”. How? By growing the main international markets, so important for our tourism, through an established network of partnerships with the most prestigious travel agencies, networks and international organizations that represent luxury and quality worldwide. The concept of “coaching” is the basis of their philosophy and the collaboration between international professionals in the travel sector thus becomes a Sinergy between Italy - intended as a set of great touristic destinations - and the buyers worldwide.

Their strong points? Several: from the deep knowledge of Italian desires, from the art cities to the most secret villages, their know-how to present their Collection on the most important international markets, the commercial missions throughout the year to different destinations, describing Italy “door to door” to the main buyers, and the presence at the most important international luxury fairs and events. Living in Italy also allows them to regularly visit the represented hotel facilities and exchange opinions with owners and managers. 

Moreover, frequent are the “virtual” trips around the world for sales calls, taking also part to events and fairs - selected as exhibitors - to represent all the hotels in their Collection. All these actions are included in annual Action Plans agreed with each structure: a clear list of costs - an all-encompassing detail with competitive fees for all services, events and trips - of the activities that allow customers to add them in their budgets well in advance.

And there’s more. The months of the lockdown helped to make new considerations, to develop new strategies, which converged in the restyling of the website and in a new way of communication: to give visibility to hotels and resorts, but also to the exclusive villas in the portfolio, a creation of a dedicated brand was needed, so to add value and emphasizing Synergy International Italy as an organization. It will be called Synergy Hotel Collection and will bring together all the facilities, giving them greater visibility. A brand and a dedicated website, so that each hotel can interact directly and in real time via social media through the website. The evolution to all this will be opening, in the not too distant future, to consolidated European markets, with special destinations that can be combined with our beautiful Italy. Also to these new destinations, the Synergy International Italy team will apply the same rules: presence, knowledge, skills. In perfect Sinergy.

Visit the website: synergyhotelcollection.com

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