Synergy International Events New York City - March 4th tp 8th, 2013

Synergy International Events New York City - March 4th tp 8th, 2013 - 20/03/2013

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Enrico Costa – Synergy International, Marco Montagnani – General Manager Swiss Diamond Hotel Lugano, Sabina Galdiolo – Synergy International, and Joseph Cinque – AAHS President

Synergy International, the Exclusive Italian Hotels and Resorts Representatives, hosted an intimate gathering of NYC’s most VIP travel service professionals in the penthouse of the luxurious skyscraper 15 William Street last night in NYC. Co...

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New York Event...

New York Event... - 08/03/2013

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Recently I ran into a dynamic duo who have turned their passion of excellence into a trendy, sophisticated, upscale ‘state-of-the-art’ hospitality business. The brains behind Synergy International are SABINA GALDIOLO and ENRICO COSTA. Both are veteran hospitality gurus who have worked their dreams through the maze of luxury hotels that create the core of Italy’s finest ‘boutique’ hotels.

Together, they have created, possibly, the best network of inti...

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PRESS KIT - Synergy International

PRESS KIT - Synergy International - 01/03/2013

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a Laboratory Boutique Sales & Marketing Firm


Synergy International is a “laboratory” boutique sales and marketing firm based in Italy, specialized in representing Italian luxury Hotels and Resorts, as well as, prestigious Villas and Tour Operators and providing personalized solutions for the Hospitality and Tourism industry

Boasting twenty years of experienc...

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