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That’s where all starts: in the Eternal City! This time we had five great travel companions coming from California (HQ in Canada), Washington, Alexandria, Puerto Rico via Paris and Connecticut. 

It’s always like a whirlwind….we visited twelve properties and ten destinations in six days….but allowed ourselves some “de-tour” for fun and a little bit of culture…

Our fun fam trip - Spring 2013 - 10/05/2013

Our fun famtrip this Spring has welcomed five wonderful travel companions and skilled travel agents  who made their long trip to Italy  from California and DC, from Virginia and New York. 

We started with  drinks in the secluded garden of Residenza di Ripetta in Rome…and the hand pressed peperoncino kindly offered by the Maitre during dinner at Caffè di Ripetta.   The tour then started started the day after heading North and then, after an intensive sightseeing day with exclusive visit of the Necropolis of Cerveteri and its millennium Etruscan tombs, great lunch near Bomarzo and guided visit of the “Holy Forest” of Bomarzo and its incredible monsters carved in rock, Grand Hotel Continental in Siena welcomed our tired bodies in need of a good dinner and some good wine….and a well deserved rest. We continued then our trip through Tuscany and had lunch at Borgo di Castelvecchio in Val d’Orcia (oh, the pasta with the thousand herbs pesto was delicious…), finally arriving to Terme di Saturnia Golf & Spa Resort in Tuscany’s Maremma: the thermal water pools and the spa treatments before dinner  were the right reward after our trip. Oh, then yes, our long trip leading to the warm heart of Italy….we could see changing landscapes, driving from Tuscany through Lazio,  Basilicata, Campania  and to Aquapetra Spa Resort near Benevento, who kindly hosted us for lunch.  Whilst admiring the endless fields of flowers and olive trees, we reached  Puglia, in the inner heel of Italy, near Taranto,  warmly welcomed by the authentic and chic “masseria”,  Relais Histò.

Then back, heading north. In Naples we had few programmes and sights, but ended up in just relaxing and sightseeing the beauty of the Gulf of Naples, the islands and the city below us from the romantic rooftop terrace and restaurant of the Grand Hotel Parker’s. The sea was calm  and we could easily reach Capri the day after, have a  quick shopping tour around the crowded Piazzetta and then enjoy the tranquillity of Villa Marina and another exquisite lunch at “”Ziqù” . And so, despite the rain,  we eventually reached another beautiful island: Ischia, another famous destination for spa and beach holidays, where we were pampered at  Punta Molino Beach Hotel & Spa Resort.

And the trip ended in Rome, where we had drinks at  Hotel d’Inghilterra before getting to Enrico’s house for a family dinner…and our friends could get back to their rooms just off the Spanish Steps for a short sleep…

A special thank you goes to all general managers, directors of sales and marketing and charming owners who have hosted us in their gorgeous properties, pampered us with delicious meals, selected outstanding wines and oils and, above all, shared with us lovely and unforgettable moments and laughter. A special thanks goes also to all the staff who have contributed to render this a memorable trip!

A special thank you goes also to Maurizio Falcinelli, CEO of Amandatour, who not only joined us at the start of the trip but also sponsored unique insights of Italy with the preview of the new project at the Necropolis of Cerveteri  and the professional guided tour of the “Holy Forest of the monsters of Bomarzo”. Grazie Maurizio!

And a BIG GRAZIE  goes to Anne, Debbie, Megan, Nancy and Marlene for being with us in this  fam trip, giving us the opportunity to show some part of undisclosed Italy, to meet the people that will welcome your guests and make them feel very  special, as you are to us!

And to Sergio, our driver and owner of the limousine company Luxury Transfer, who took so good care of us during the trip.

Oue Events in New York from March 4th to march 8th 2013 - 20/03/2013

Five amazing evenings @ the Penthouse at the William Beaver House with breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, Governor’s Island and downtown Wall Street! Many travel agents of the main travel agencies of New York, but also travelling in from Connecticut and New Jersey (thank you!!), friends, journalists and representatives from ENIT The Italian Givernment Tourist Board have accepted our invitation and joined our “home made” Italian dinners, enjoyed the wines by Castello Banfi and…the music of the Italian Music Festival. Thank you New York!

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